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Top App Charts

See the daily App Store sales rank of all iPhone apps for the past 30 days.

After making many iPhone apps, we thought there should be a better way to see how they were doing in the App Store. Top App Charts was created!

It is a valuable tool for shoppers and developers alike.

Find Files

FindFiles.com is a Freeware and Shareware software site combined with our custom Mirror database.

Many sites list a number of locations where you can download a file. Different users will click or find different locations for the same file. As different GetRight® * users share the URL where they are downloading, the FindFiles.com database will add them as mirrors. With users sharing, this builds a big list of mirror URLs and will let everyone find more mirrors for files, helping everyone to get faster and more reliable downloads.

Searching and sharing is done automatically when "FindFiles.com searching" is enabled within the GetRight® download manager.

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